We envision a broad representation of available categories within our tournament. The tournament is therefore conducted on two days: Saturday (U10, U12, U15 and Seniors) and Sunday (U18 and U21). The categories mentioned below can participate in our tournament.
[Total] Reflects the current amount of registered participants per category.

Except from the usual pre game weighing on the game days as shown below, there will be an early weighing possibility on Friday (31 May 2024, 16:00 - 20:00 hrs.) for judoka's who participate on Saturday only (U10, U12, U15 and Seniors).
For judoka's who are planned to participate on Sunday (U18 and U21): there is an early weighing possibility on Saturday 1 June 2024, from 16:00 - 19:00 hrs.

* NOTE: Starttimes are predictions and could change due to progress or delay on the tatamis.
Coaches/Admin can download all timings for their respective judoka's:
a. Login into our registration system;
b. Choose from the menu [Documents] ==> [Total List Timings].

About us

Judo Venray is a 120 member judoclub in de the South of The Netherlands. For the 49th. consecutive time we organize an international well known Tournament. Feel free to participate and register Your club (from 7th January onwards).