This page contains regular updates regarding the status of the preparations for the Tournament.
Please check this page on a regular basis.
You can contact us by e-mail if necessary: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

4 May 2022
As stated in our Tournament invitation, we would use the period 1-7 May to decide on the size and form of our Tournament based on the registered participants.
This is to inform You that all Your registered judoka's have been granted spaces at the 47ste edition of our International Judo Tournament Venray.
All Your current registered judoka's can participate! We informed the teams/clubs by email.

Now, the bad news is, that because of the overwhelming amount of interested judoka's, we had to reshuffle our initial tournament planning.
As we reconsidered our planning we took the following principles into consideration:
a. All registered judoka's should be honoured spaces at our Tournament;
b. Continue to improve our tournament in quality and quantity.

In concreto, this means that:
The Senior categories J (Ladies) and M (Gents) will be moved from Sunday (26 June) to Saturday (25 June).
All other categories remain on their planned days.

We hope You'll understand our decisions and we are looking forward seeing You by the end of June in Venray.

1 May 2022
Today, 1 May 2022, we closed our tournament for new registrations; we are full: 1700 judoka's from 28 countries Teams can continue to change current registered judoka data till one week prior to our Tournament. New registered judoka's will be placed on our Reserve list.

5 April 2022
We are reaching 1400 registered judoka's !!
Our initial registration is open till May 1st. 
With the current progress of registrations, registrations after that date are likely to end up on our Reserve List.
Data of registered judoka's can be changed till one week prior to the tournament.

9 January 2022
Happy New Year.
The registration for our Tournament is open. Please CHECK HERE.

1 December 2021
The invitation for the 47th. edition of our tournament has been published.
Registration is open from 9 January, 16:00hr CET 2022 onwards.
Please check: HERE.