This page contains regular updates regarding the status of the preparations for the Tournament.
Please check this page on a regular basis.
You can contact us by e-mail if necessary: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

18 October 2021
And after 1964 games in two day, we completed our tournament.
Thanks for joining us.
The 47th edition will be on 25 and 26 June 2022.

13 October 2021
Seattickets distribution
Upon request of quite some teams, we enabled the possiblity to collect the registered seattickets at the entrance of the tournamenthall instead of printing/downloading.
Quite some teams found it elaborate to redistribute their tickets to the parents/drivers.

Therefore, registered seattickets do not need to be printed any longer, You can collect them at the entrance of the tournamenthall.
This is also the place to collect Your Coachcards and weighing-tickets of the judoka's.

10 October 2021
With less than a week to go, still some teams have not registered/claimed their Coachcards and/or Seat Tickets.
Coachcards and Seattickets can be booked only online!.
Seattickets will be provided online, whilst registered Coachcards (and judoka weighing tickets) will be available at
our Information Desk near the entrance of our Tournament Hall.
You can not buy/register Coachcards nor Seattickets at the Hall.

6 October 2021
We published our "Latest Information Bulletin".
Please checkout HERE

4 October 2021
Registered clubs can now list there judoka's incl. all timings.
Login our system and checkout [Documents] ==> [Total List Timings]
Furthermore the complete list of participants is also available to registered clubs: 
Login our system and checkout [Documents] ==> [Participants].

3 October 2021
We published our timetables and poule schedules.
Please checkout HERE

27 september 2021

Teams can now apply for coach cards and seating tickets.
The following applies:
a. Coach cards and seating tickets (for visitors) will be provided na ratio of the amount of participating judoka's of Your team
and are valid for one day. Allocation can therefore differ per day.
b. Both Coach cards and seating tickets are on name. You can not transfer them to other persons.
c. Coaches with valid coach card and wristband can move freely within the halls but are NOT allowed on the bleachers.
d. Seating ticket holders (visitors) can choose free spaces at one of our bleachers and can move freely between the bleachers.
They can NOT enter the game area.
e. Judoka's with a weighing/participation ticket can move freely around the halls but are NOT allowed on the bleachers.
f. The restaurant is open to all; COVID ruling for restaurants/bars apply.

Coach card allocation
Max. coach cards will be determined per day, based on the participating judoka's by Your team for that day.

Number of Judoka's/day

Number of Coach cards









17 or more


You can NOT apply for extra coach cards. Coach cards are free of charge.
Coach cards are mandatory for access to the tatami's; You can not register coach cards at the tournament!

Allocation seating tickets
Available seats are limited and based on COVID ruling regarding amount of persons in the halls.
Max. allocation of seating tickets is based per day on the participating judoka's by Your team for that day.

Number of Judoka's/day

Number of seat tickets













15 or more


Seating tickets are Euro 5 per day/seat and will be charged to the Teams/Clubs' bill.

Both coach cards and seating tickets can be booked only online:
a. Log in into our registration system:
b. Choose option [Club details] => [Seats] or [Coaches].
Fill out ALL required details.
Note: we request also email addresses of the coach. Doing so will enable us to pass extra information to
the coaches regarding the tournament.

Seating tickets will be made (digitally) available as soon as the complete club/team-bill has
been paid to our account (not later than 8 October 2021). You can NOT pay at our Tournament.
Coachcards, wristbands and judoka weighing tickets are available at the Tournament Information Desk at the entrance.

We intend to send the tournament schedule this week, including timings for COVID access control, weighing timings and game timings.

17 september 2021
Due to huge interest in our accomodation offers, the Hotel Asteria is completely booked now.
They can not accept any further requests for rooms.
Also the cottages at Center Parcs are fully booked. From now on only 5 pax. cottages are available.
The 6 pax. cottages are completely booked.

8 September 2021
Most teams (149) confirmed their participation. New teams/judoka's can no longer be registered. Our Reservelist contains 55 judoka's.
Teams received their confirmation/cancellation by e-mail and can continue to change judoka data till end September 2021.
Next update is expected around 22 September as our Government will reconsider current COVID measures.

1 September 2021
Registration is closed. New teams/judoka's will be added to our Reservelist.
Currently registered judoka's are authorized to play if their teams/club confirm their team/club participation by 8th September 2021.
Confirmation can be done by loging into our registration system HERE.

28 August 2021
We send an email out today regarding our COVID measures at our tournament.
More details can be found HERE.

30 March 2021
On Tuesday 23 March, our Government banned all public (sports)events till mid May 2021.
It is unclear at this stage whether or not the Government will lift this ban after mid-May.
This situation makes it hard to plan, not only for our organization, our volunteers but also for our international registered participants, as some of them need to book travel arrangements at an early stage without the certainty that the Tournament will commence.

We therefore postpone our tournament till 16-17 October 2021.
Registered teams and participants will not require to reregister.
Participants stay registered unless the team cancels its registration.
Registered wildcards will remain honored for the October version of our Tournament.
The same applies to already booked accommodation/facilities: we will keep them in our database for October unless the team cancels them.

The cancellation of teams/accommodation/facilities will be free of charge.
Those of You who already paid fees, will be reimbursed if they cancel their registration for the October event.

Teams can continue to register/change data till 1 October 2021.

Once again, we regret any inconvenience due to the postponement.
We hope to conduct our Tournament in October.
Till then: Stay Save.

1 January 2021
Registation is open!

Dear Sportsfriends.

Judo Vereniging Venray organizes in 2021 its 46th annual International Judo Tournament.
The Tournament will take place on 5 and 6 June 2021.
We are pleased to invite You to this tournament.
You will be able to register from January 1, 2021, 16.00 hours GMT+1 onwards.

Although COVID-19 currently largely dictates our (sports)lives, we envision and plan to conduct our tournament within the permissible scope.
We hope that by June 2021 quite some restrictions have been lifted.
Having said this, we realize that the extend, size and the way we can conduct our tournament will still be dictated by COVID-19 (restrictions).
Our tournament will be conducted permitting both Your and our national regulations and we will comply to such regulations and restrictions.

For this reason, we have extended our registration period till three weeks prior to the tournament in order to have a clear view regarding the way we can conduct our tournament.

It goes without saying that -if the COVID-19 restrictions by then won't allow You to participate- Your paid registration fees will be refunded.

More details can be found in our invitation.

In the meantime: Stay healthy!